approach by Elizabeth Metz

EMA's approach to a project is a holistic design process which light, materials, details, enduring style, and environment are the primary focus.

sustainability by Elizabeth Metz

Sustainability is a prime concern for each design at EMA. Through solar analysis we are able to study the impact of the project on the site, as well as the amount of natural lighting it will receive throughout the year. Project typically are designed above the current energy code through efficient thermal envelope, lighting, and fenestrations. 

interiors by Elizabeth Metz

Furniture, fixture, and equipment selection is an important process often overlooked by other architects is a integral part of the process. This involves:paint colors and sampling, furniture layouts, custom cabinet and millwork design, product selections, furniture design, and so on.

Building Information Modeling by Elizabeth Metz

Taking full advantage of Building Information Modeling, we are able to not only fully model your project, but can also develop detailed schedules, take-offs, and preliminary cost estimates which can help guide design decisions. By coordinating with consultants and other trades, we are able to quickly address issues which may arise before they become a problem during construction.