The Whole House Design Approach

Elizabeth Metz, AIA

Elizabeth Metz, AIA

I design the holistically.  I focus on form, scale, light, materials, furnishings and fixtures to give the house a unified tailored personality.

There is grace and power birthed through a unified design approach.  Clarity in design intent and fidelity in realization are architecture's accolades.

I take my role as architect very seriously and strongly believe in the value I bring to design solutions.

I am drawn to the appeal of the sculptural in architecture but adhere to the driving power of what design can deliver – living spaces that caress, affirm and inspire.

I know from experience that optimal results come about when owner and architect work as partners. This one team approach unleashes the powers of design solutions to best address project needs.

A new house is a major undertaking.  An orchestral performance with many characters, parts, deadlines and personal choices that converge over time to produce a finished structure.  No one can inspire it, guide it and deliver it like an architect.



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